Material applications with our models – Overview

ModellF-SerieF-VertikalVertiformProfiserie IProfiserie II
Milling materials:
composite materials of plastic or aluminum composite
Acrylic over 50 mm
Aluminum up to 10 mm
Aluminium over 10 mm
Steel and V2A
with small cutter and thin material suitable for occasional milling work

suitable for occasional milling work

with suitable milling spindle, low speed, a lot of power
encoder controlled milling spindle(blade, scoring wheel, thread cutter)
EnginestepstepServo Fa.BeckhoffServo Fa.BeckhoffServo Fa.Beckhoff
Construction materialaluminumaluminumsteel/aluminumsteel/aluminumsteel
Idustrial vacuum profi - frequency controlled

Legend:  recommended | limitted use | not recommended

Milling speed tested and recommended with 6mm single tooth cutter, polished:

ModelF-SerieVertiform / Profiserie
Milling materials:
Plastics, composite materials of plastic or aluminum composite, diverse plywoods6.000mm/min (100mm/sec) 10mm milling depth/run8.000mm/min (133mm/sec) 10mm milling depth/run
Kappa with tangential blade8.000mm/min (133mm/sec) 1 run37.000mm/min (600mm/sec) 1 run
Acrylic glass3.000mm/min (50mm/sec) 5mm milling depth/run4.000mm/min (66mm/sec) 10mm milling depth/run
Aluminum (AlMg3)1.000mm/min (16,6mm/sec) 2mm milling depth/run2.000mm/min (33mm/sec) 3,5mm milling depth/run
Steel150mm/min (2,5mm/sec) 0,5mm milling depth/run400mm/min (6,6mm/sec) 1mm milling depth/run (Profiserie II only according to configuration)

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